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Delphi Falls

Waterfalls for sale

66 acres with 65' and 52' waterfalls more than 1 mile of creek frontage.


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2nd Parcel

The .81 acre parcel noted is not listed for sale. There is a 996 ft.long by 16" diameter penstock (supply pipe) running from an intake above the upper falls to a powerhouse below the lower falls, with a total head (vertical drop) of 134 feet. Tge. The historical output of the powerplant was 32.5KW, but the design peak output was 75KW.

The house on the .81 acre parcel is an approximately 1200 sq.ft. wood-frame tri-level with domestic water and electric service available. The house has a great view of the upper waterfall, approximately 300 ft. away. The house requires finishing.


The a hydro electric system installed is not currently operational, but is serviceable. A breakdown of the powerplant invested costs are the following:"

Delphi Falls Powerplant Costs Of installation

Size 5 Combination Motor Starter (enclosed) $9771
Installation of Starter $800
Control Relays $200
Size 3 Combination Motor Starter (enclosed) $1760
Installation of Starter $800
Size 2 Combination Motor Starter $1100
Installation of Starter $800
1000 Ft. 16” SDR17 HDPE pipe $40060
Pipe welding rental $6000
Pipe installation labor & misc. $12800
Pipe installation backhoe work $2000
Pipe HDPE 45degree elbows (2) with flanges, welding and installation $4000
Building including roof $10000
Building wiring $800
Building backhoe work $2500
Building foundation forms, rebar concrete, anchors including labor $18500
Intake screen pipe $900
Intake slotting and installation labor $1800
Intake gabions 18’x18”x4’ $500
Intake gabions 24’x12”x4’ $1200
Intake plates & anchors (18”) $200
Intake plates & anchors (12”) $250
Intake labor $6000
Angled pipe “U” anchors parts $1000
Angled pipe “U” anchors labor $1200
370’ 750/750/500 URD buried cable $3700
Main wire backhoe, sand fittings, communications wire, sand $5000
Main wire labor $2400
Main 400A fused disconnect $8700
Main disconnect fuses (including spares) $500
Service entrance conduit $250
Service entrance power cable $250
Service entrance hardware & gooseneck & 90degree elbow $170
Service entrance labor $1000
Ground rods, ground cable & clamps (2 ends) $200
Service panel in powerhouse, including labor $600
Supply control valves (4) $6000
Turbine supply reducers w/flanges $3500
Two turbines w/housings, bearings and anchors $24000
Three generators $11500
Tractor for moving materials $3500
Welder, cutting torch, misc. tools $725
Research, design, engineering, inspections $70000
Shipping of materials, auto expenses, time in acquiring materials $16000

subtotal $282939 plus 5% Misc. unremembered expenses = $297083 Total


The parcel is in e area designated .81 a.

This diagram has been altered by the Realtor to estimate the location of the .81 acre parcel that is not included in the listing.

Above are GPS readings taken on the survey stakes. They are only accurate within 13 feet so this is only approimate. What is important to note that there is a walkway and plenty of space between the .81 acre parcel and the cliff to the gorge. So the parcel does not obstruct use along the gorge and waterfalls.

Looking North

Looking South

Looking South


This is the survey for the excluded .81 acre parcel. Click here for a zoomable PDF of this diagram.


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